The Love of an Angel

Divided into four parts – The Darkness, The Growth, The Angel, and My Blue Iris – The Love of an Angel was written during a time of loss and self discovery. On the journey of healing, I questioned whether I’d be able to write through the light instead of the darkness. I dove into the deepest, untouched parts of myself in order to write for The Love of an Angel.

The Darkness

“The Darkness” is composed of words regarding all forms of pain and what it does to you. It deals with pieces meant for those who caused hurt and sadness to thrive within me.

“Before you break someone, know what you are breaking. Know what will suffer as a result of your damage. Because too often, you will shoot blindly at someone, aiming for the mind yet piercing the heart.”

The Growth

In the middle section titled “The Growth,” there are words surrounding the theme of hope and the idea that you can find light in the dark.

“If you pour too much water on a flower, it will die. If you pour too little, it will die. You need to understand it in order to know how to help it survive. Loving someone is exactly like watering a flower. Know your lover, and they will never perish. Pretend to understand the soul within the body and you will only succeed in destroying it. Comprehend it, however, and you will not only see the flower grow, but the person who waters it as well.”

The Angel

“The Angel” contains work from emotions I have never allowed myself to explore. Words here are birthed from grief, love and most importantly, hope.

“I do not know how else to convey my love for you than to say that all of my words are for you, all my breaths for you, all my efforts for you, my pain for you, my struggle for you, and should we ever lose each other I will not only lose the person, but the universe that you are for me. My planets orbit around you, my sun, my air, my ocean. All that I have made is for you. Each letter written for you. Through these words, the only way I can show my love.”

My Blue Iris

“My Blue Iris” is a section that I originally was not going to add into The Love of an Angel for the sole reason that none of the poems were written when I finished this collection. It is an add-on, a separate book within a book. It was written for a fighter, a blue iris and a true, authentic angel.