To Be Alive

Divided into four sections, To Be Alive tells a story of life’s deepest truth. When depression births some of the lowest moments, it can feel as though every tsunami, hurricane and tornado are knocking you into an abyss of pain. What is so easily forgotten is the eternity of hope that is waiting for you during the chaos. Hope is there, waiting for you to hold its hand. Hope is there, to walk you through the storm. Some days feel like your last, while others feel like you are on cloud nine. So often we wrap ourselves in life’s complexity to the point that we forget its miraculous qualities. Let these words remind you of what it means to feel alive, to be alive.


Inside the Mind of Tragedy

The deepest touch of human emotion is conveyed through the words in Inside the Mind of Tragedy. Its four sections — Life, Emotions, Death, Hope — each have their own heartbeats and bring to life a different set of thoughts and feelings. Written from different places of pain, joy and everything in between, Inside the Mind of Tragedy lives to show that with all bad things, with all pain, there are endless amounts of hope to make up for the hurt.


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