New Poetry

“for lifetimes, happiness has been similar to heaven, in my eyes. it was always so unattainable. it was also comparable to hell. it was so close yet incredibly far. i am surrounded by worlds of emotions, that tear and raise me. often, i feel the darkness of those around me and before, i would join them. we would relish in the pain together. now, i relish in the light, in the blinding world of burning passion that ignited a fire within me rather than a fire around me. i only hope, my only hope, is for all the pained souls to see that all is worth the light. i wish i could reach out and show them all that everything amounts to something. pain is worth every tear because those tears water the seeds of hope that blossom. they blossom to prove to us that heaven isn’t as unattainable as we believe and hell is farther than we think. i’m diving into the water, and i want you to join me.”

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