Inside the Mind of Tragedy


The initial section is titled “Life” and conveys pieces of childhood, family and the beauty and pains of the overall concept of this world.

“I never knew the true value of happiness
And the impact that it has on life
Until happiness became a luxury that I lacked
And attaining it became my only dream”


“Emotions” marks the second part of this collection, with poems regarding emotions themselves, as well as specific ones, such as love, pain and everything in between.

“I want truth in the rarest form. In the night, when my eyes, wide open, have discovered a meaning. An answer to why, to how it is even possible to think and believe and walk this Earth. This mind and these intense curiosities have a thirst for anything real which I can grasp onto and strangle. And suffocate until the worlds within it have become my own. The desire for certainty will strengthen to the place where I have no knowledge of my existence. Am I merely particles bonded together to create whatever type of insanity I am. Or have my lungs and beating heart and torn realities been sewn into the foundation of the universe we all believe to know. Is there even a place between those complexities. If so, I wonder how many years of life will be wasted trying to find it.”


All things pass in time, therefore “Death” dives into all things regarding that topic, including sadness, grief, regret, along with the birth of something new.

“I believed everyone I loved when they said that I wouldn’t have to go through this alone. That belief soon faded because they were not the ones waking up with my mind. They did not have the wounds on my soul. They did not feel the burn of my tears. It felt as if we were separated by a glass wall. We viewed each other, but would never be able to truly connect.”


“Hope” is the shortest and final section of Inside the Mind of Tragedy due to the importance of remembering that no matter how small it may be, hope is a miracle of life. Hope could be the aftermath of tragedy.

“I don’t think that I am drowning

Maybe I never was

I’m just swimming

But there will be much I have to endure

Until I find my way home”

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