Poem: 5/28

I’m feeling sad. 

– Why is it that people are forced to reduce their thoughts to one word, one feeling? Why does the world stop one from freeing the screaming words of their torn soul or cracked soul or damaged mind? Let the people scream their tragedies! Let them shout the poems and paragraphs that they’ve had to silence for so long. Who is anyone to declare the intensity of another’s emotion? Why can I not yell or whisper or simply utter the fact that I am hurting without another saying that I am at fault or that I am wrong? If it were up to me, I’d reach for your heart and hold the delicacy up to my ear and let it tell me its sorrows and let it weep its grievances. I would take your mind and let it tell me of its tragedies and let it fall apart at its seams. And my love, I’d look within and find your soul and I’d let the grey take me on a journey. And once the story ended, I would sit next to it on the sand. And I’d understand if it’s the last thing I do, then by God, I’d sit in the silence between us and hear the waves and I would understand you for you, for all of you. Why can one not express this desire for understanding without being seen as desperate or needy? Why must we attach baggage to another’s emotion? If he is feeling soft, as delicate and fragile as a new heart, let him feel that without labeling him as weak. Should they experience trauma as scarring as a blade to skin, give them the space to express it as such, without calling them dramatic. If she feels rage as intensely as the fire that burns in the sun, let her bring the world to ashes without saying she’s heartless and cruel. And let the children scream if they need to. Because they will need to. And when they shout and shake the Earth with their sobs, I hope you look at them, not in disgust, but in awe. In awe of the fact that they are brave enough to show their truth and to bare their souls in the face of judgement. And God, my last dying wish is that you scream with the children. Scream your pain. Scream your hope. Let them know that they are not alone and that you, too, have pain and anguish that could not be freed because of society. But now, it can be freed. And it will be. 


Published by Gianna Valdez


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