Her: A Film of Failed Love

Her Overview

Los Angeles in the future is a combination of many aspects displayed in the film, Her, yet the most significant one is a new artificial intelligence operating system called OS1. Theodore, a man in the process of a divorce, apprehensively purchases an OS1 and meets his personal AI, who named herself Samantha. Through humor and simple acts of kindness, a friendship forms that connects the two. However, what began as a need for companionship on Theo’s part soon evolved into a deep and soulful connection. They established a stable, romantic relationship that ran a steady course up until the moment where a disconnection occurred. Samantha’s intelligence influenced a burning desire for something more than Theo, or anything physical could provide her with. Unfortunately, her love for him could not satisfy the other aspects of life she wanted to experience, especially self-discovery. Theodore, left heartbroken and ultimately confused, begins to understand the impact of love and what it means to be human. 

Being Human and In Love

What does it mean to be human, though? Does it mean feeling all emotions, or experiencing all that you can? Does it mean saving yourself from feeling pain and avoiding discomforting things at all costs? Does it simply mean having a body and using all your parts to remain alive? The universal truth is that no one has a true definition for the word. Only each individual person can create a meaning that pertains to their interpretation of the concept, especially abstract things such as love. That can be an extremely frightening idea to many people because when you love someone, you begin to give them pieces of yourself. You may fear the thought of one day giving away so much of yourself that you have nothing left. You may even fear that being in love makes you less human, less strong, or less logical. Above anything, love makes you more human than you ever could be. Being alive means being vulnerable and love is when you can be the most raw and where you can shed all the masks you wear. Baring all of yourself without fear and diving into water where you don’t know if you’ll drown or swim is the most human thing of all. However, what happens if you drown in those waters, when you thought you were going to swim? 

The Tragedy of Heartbreak

Drowning in emotions is probably worse than drowning in reality. At least in real life, you know that you’ll either give up on surviving or you’ll persevere. When it comes to your emotions, you’ll never know when you will crash under the weight of all that you are feeling. You never know when you’ll crumble. Falling in love is a beautiful thing, yet everything has an opposite. With love, there is heartbreak. Despite the circumstance, rarely anyone begins a relationship thinking “This will not last” or “This will end in flames.” Everyone in love usually overlooks or ignores the possibility of heartbreak, but it is real and it should be acknowledged. It is the splitting of a heart into two pieces. It is the soul cracking into a million parts. It is the mind reaching a breaking point. Heartbreak feels like the end of life for a large number of people because of its cruel and devastating nature. It can feel as though you are grieving someone who is still alive because you feel you have lost them forever. You will overthink, you will cry and you will certainly feel the heart-wrenching affects. Most importantly, though, you will remember that with all forms of heartbreak, there is the ability to overcome it. 

Accepting Emotions

We must accept what we cannot change and understand that we are stronger than the emotions that threaten to ruin us. It is so difficult to focus on the positive when your present life is filled with negative emotions. That is the problem, though. People believe that heartbreak is a negative emotion. While in the moment, it feels like death itself, it is not death. It is an opportunity. Heartbreak can fuel beautiful things because there can be wonderful aspects of life that spring from pain. Writers use it as inspiration. Artists create from it. People learn from it. If there is one thing that everyone must know, it is that anything can be overcome and anything can be faced with courage. There is no need to fear life without the love of someone else because love is found everywhere. In the air, there is love. In the conversations we have, there is love. In the friends we make, there is love. In the universe, there is endless and deep love. You not finding it the way you thought you would does not mean that you won’t find it ever. Do you need to find it, though? Is love necessary to live a fulfilled life? 

Appreciating Failed Love

Movies such as Her are ones that show us the impact that love can have on our life, as well as the impact it has when it is taken away. What this film displays more than anything else is the importance of self discovery, finding a soulful love, and not letting emotions control you. As beautiful as they are, emotions can become overbearing when we let them have too much power over us. Why shouldn’t we let positive emotions drive us, though? Whether positive or negative, emotions should not lead us because we will begin to depend on them. For instance, when you begin to depend on love, you feel as though you always need someone or something to remain happy and content. The problem with that is that dependence on things that may not last forever can be dangerous. Ultimately, everyone should experience love and heartbreak, and they should learn from both experiences. Life is not about choosing what you want to feel. It is about experiencing everything you can and taking lessons from all emotions. That is how you can truly be fulfilled. 

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